The Source of Our Success is Our Team and Our Faith


Mainly focused on the steel industry,
KMC’s field of activities also includes construction and
real estate. With nine different companies
operating in KMC Group’s structure, it continues to create
higher added value for the country’s economy. The core values
that constitute the management mentality of all the companies in
KMC Group also represents the principles of the group culture.

We focus on people

Even though we have all the
necessary resources and the
highest technology, ‘’human’’
is always our priority.
Satisfaction, reassurance and the
happiness of our employees and all the
stakeholders we do business
with are above all of the other values

We are sensitive,
and we strive for the benefit

We are sensitive towards our
employees who have created us,
our stakeholders and our country.
With our sense of responsibility, we are always
ready to do more than our part in every situation
that needs to be developed and contributed.

Let’s grow together

We use all the resources we have for the
development and growth of our employees
and stakeholders. We remember that being
a part of the process is crucial
for the growth.

We are open to change,
innovation and development

While developing new products,
adopting different opinions,
and entering various sectors,
we are able to make decisions quickly
and adapt to the current environment.